Parsons Students Launch New Burgh Initiative


Sean, Mike, and Amanda are all students at Parsons in NYC. You might see them at your local corner in the City of Newburgh asking residents how they envision buildings in the city differently. Glued to the window of this vacant Liberty storefront they have a map of the city as well as photos along the block. Written on some of the buildings you can see people envision farmers markets and coffee shops. They plan on being in the ‘Burgh to get more input from city residents and might even possibly rent a space to be able to do more community outreach. If you see them, don’t be shy and say hello!

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  • Welcome, and looking forward to the good energy! Will stop in and say they have specific days and times they are more likely to be at the storefront?

    (if they are at Parsons, we already know people in common! always a nice thing ;))

  • Per Councilwoman Genie Abrams: “Please come tomorrow (Weds., March 12) at 11 a.m. OR, if it’s more convenient for you, at 7 p.m., to the Lobby at the Ritz, corner of B’way and Liberty Street, for a discussion of Parking in Newburgh.

    How can we make parking easier, fairer, better? Can/should the signs be improved? What about the meters? Is this a good way for the city to make money?

    What has YOUR experience been with parking? Should Newburghers even pay to park? How about commuters who park at the ferry station? How about our business owners?

    Put on your thinking cap and brainstorm with neighbors and city officials (City Parking Bureau Director Keith Douglas at 11 a.m.; City Police Lt. Tom Murphy at 7 p.m.) and me. Together, I’m sure we can improve the parking situation for all of us.” Councilwoman Genie Abrams

    I thought this was important to share.

  • Hi Parsons students! If you need a space, please let me know! Would love to connect, please contact me!
    Madeline, Newburgh Community Land Bank

  • That’s sounds very exciting and fun! Good for you Amanda! Mike and Sean…
    Sounds like this town is very lucky to have you on their side and won’t be disappointed!

    Friend from way up North! : )

  • i have a table and space the students can use at at 87 Ann st. corner of liberty, across from the Wherehouse Bar. Good instore lighting and this corner is the gate to the new trendy commercial district with several new businesses in the works. Maybe they can help us also decide on the name for our Neighbrohood Association. Dan at the Wherehouse has offered to do the facebook page our new association. Some of names for consideration are : Georgetown, Le village, Sodo, and Marthaville . Still looking for name and preferably with a historical connection to our neighbrohood. leave name suggestions with PAUL @ 631-488-5556, thank you.

  • This is wonderful news. Today I bumped into Urban Planning students from Hunter + City College.
    I believe that by pooling together different sectors of society, Newburgh has the opportunity to navigate its transformation in a manner that is not only sustainable, but also socially conscious.
    I look forward to hearing more and being of service.