Newburgh Open Studios 2014


What a great weekend in was for Newburgh Open Studios 2014. The weather was amazing and it was wonderful to see the influx of visitors walking around the city discovering and site seeing. The first open studios started with only 12 artists. This year over 50 participated and new exhibition spaces were added. Columbia University students were also around doing research for their studio project. Everyone was talking about Newburgh and it’s potential and what they see for the future. Michael Gabor and Gerardo Castro did a brilliant job organizing Newburgh Open Studios for 2014. We all can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year! Here are a few of the spaces I was able to visit. Ann Stratton’s work is pictured above.


Kate Ferriter
Artist, Kate Ferriter holding her painting she sold Saturday at her exhibition space in Atlas Industries.


Bruno Gordon Krauchthaler and Erica Hauser in Bruno’s new studio in Atlas Industries.


Artists on display at Space Create. We got to see a glimpse of a new project happening on Lander Street for vacant buildings for Groundworks Newburgh.



These paintings will eventually be installed on vacant buildings on Lander.


Ten artists exhibiting at the Teran Studio on Broadway.


The Broadway-Liberty Street lot had a dream wall in place by life coach, Ozioma. This little girl’s dream was to be a singer. Ozioma told her that she could live out her dream right there and sing for all of us. She was so shy she had to turn around and face the wall to sing. But once she started, she was amazing!



Richard Harper explaining his painting in his art studio on Dubois Street. He has the most amazing carriage house studio. More on that to come. To see more photos taken by other people on social media check out Instagram and Facebook.