Meet a Newburgher: The Brandts


Traditionally Meet a Newburgher is an interview. However, I thought this sweet letter from this new-to-Newburgh couple was a great example who is moving to Newburgh, how they find it, and where they are buying houses. It was my pleasure Ben, Betsy and Percy! Their letter is below:

“Just wanted to say “Hello” and Thank You for your blog and all the work you do with it. We just purchased a home on Renwick St. at the end of October and have already moved in with our dog, Percy. My wife, Betsy, is a writer and I’m an artist and carpenter. Your blog was/is a great way for us to learn more about Newburgh as we began exploring it last year. We’re very happy to be here now and excited to be part of the community.

I’m carpenter with a specialty in restoration, and I’m planning to re-start my wood window restoration business as well as offer free and low-cost workshops for do-it-yourselfers as soon as we get our place tightened up a bit, and I get my workshop set up (and hopefully more of an on-line presence).

A year ago we thought Benkard and Renwick and Carson seemed pretty sketchy, but the more time we spent here the more we realized that it’s actually totally fine. A few houses on Benkard have been fixed up really nice… Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely lively and depressing at turns, which make it interesting… Thanks again for all your efforts and hard work.”


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  • Welcome to Newburgh! We are so glad you’ve decided to join our community. We live in the North End at 7 Central Avenue, just past Mt. St. Mary College. I have lived here all my life, so don’t hesitate to ask for help! This Saturday at 5, there’s an interesting art show and sale, an event to raise money for the Newburgh Boxing Club. Some old and new Newburghers will be there. Hope you can come!

    All the best in your renovation projects!

    Mary Elin Korchinsky

  • Hey folks welcome on board…..We have lived here for 13 years and have seen a lot of progress and sometimes downers., but, keeping up on a positive outlook always helps and the majority of the people are fantastic..
    Good luck with everything. Best to the three of you.

  • Wait a minute! That looks like OUR dog, Rocky! Hey, bring him on over for a romp one of these days! Hope to see you at the Newburgh Heights meeting!

    Welcome to Newburgh…!

  • p.s. I think you met Bruno already–he is one of the artists at the Boxing Club show on Sat 1/24…a great way to connect with lots of Newburghers, old and new…

  • Here’s some info on this Saturday’s event at the Newburgh Boxing Club: Seven of Newburgh’s top artists have come together to mount a show at the Boxing Club gym in support of its mission. The artists have shown and sold works regionally, nationally, and sometimes internationally. The six visual artists include Clayton Buchanan, Isaac Diggs, Erika Hauser, Bruno Krauchthaler, Rachel Weidkam, and Martha Zola.

  • Oops,here’s more info: the Newburgh Boxing Club is located at 290 Broadway (next to the former Boadway School and current courthouse). Decora and Baam Bada will DJ music for the event. The public is invited to come and view the show in support of the Club and the artists and to consider purchasing art or making a donation. Fifty percent of all sales will be donated by the artists to the Boxing Club.

  • On behalf of my wife and me, welcome to Newburgh. Our story is that we were looking for a place to buy about 6-7 years ago and found prices in Brooklyn to be ridiculous. We got a tip that Newburgh was commutable, came to take a look for ourselves, and now we live in our own home on Liberty. Lots of interesting stuff going on, and the only real problems have been small and petty. Hope to see you around. Good luck.

    • Eyes wide shut? There are a lot of organized and individual efforts, concerted or with refrain, addressing the ‘small and petty real problems’ that confront Newburgh’s Revitalization. Optimism needn’t slight reality.
      Props to the Brandt’s conviction in becoming Newburghers. ; )

  • My inlaws live on Renwick. Welcome to Newburgh.

  • Just saw these comments – thanks so much for the welcome, everyone!

  • I was born and raised at 133 Renwick Street. I lived there up till 1971. The house at that time had two apts on the third floor. One apt has a small kitchen that had been remodeled in the early 60’s, one bedroom and a big living room. The second apt on the top floor has one bath, one bedroom and one living room .The middle floor was one big apt with a small kitchen, three bedrooms and a living room. The first floor has a large kitchen that was also remodeled in the early 60’s, three bedrooms and living room. It has one bath that also had been remodeled in the early 60’s. There is also a fenced in back yard for use with the first floor. Good if you have children. At the time I lived there there was also a small apt in the basement. One bath, small kitchen, living room and one bedroom. I don’t know what it looks like inside now but this could be a good investment for someone. Whom ever purchases it I would like to be able to tour the inside as it brings a lot of good memories to me.