New Liberty Street Storefront

What a pretty new storefront addition to Liberty Street! Hearts Delight Bakery Elegant Desserts for distinguished taste buds is now open. It was a snowy day for the Grand Opening. So I was not able to make it. However Jonathan Valle of Valle Photography was so kind to take these pictures and send them to me.

Businesses like this are so important in a revitalization movement as the one Newburgh is undergoing. As one of the Four Points of the Main Street Approach-Design is vital in changing the commercial district of a neighborhood. Design is the approach that deals with the overall physical appearance of a neighborhood.

“An inviting atmosphere, created through attractive window displays, parking areas, building improvements, street furniture, signs, sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping, conveys a positive visual message about the commercial district and what it has to offer.” 

The Cheesecake Lady’s bakery is definitely helping with the overall aesthetic of Liberty Street. What a great start to 2009 in Newburgh! Of her grand opening she had this to say,

“The Grand Opening was WONDERFUL. They came and got to meet me and me them. It was a love fest to say the least. I didn’t expect people to come out as the weather got” ugly but, “they ordered cakes, bought cheesecakes and slices and it was quite a nice day. And like I told one of my associates- even if people didn’t come I had to be there, even if only one person came. I am the business owner – and that is what I have to do. She said she never thought about it like that. ” 

It gladdens the heart to see that this business is on the map and is helping take Newburgh in a positive direction. This is definitely a peek into the future. As the Change Principal in the 8 Principals to Main Street Success states, “At first, almost no one believes Main Street can really turn around. Changes in attitude and practice are slow but definite.” And that is the instance with Newburgh-change is slow, but inevitable. We have to change our attitudes.

One Comment

  • This cheesecake is addictive! I bought one at the opening and weeks later I still crave it!
    I’ve sent people over there and everyone raves! Make the trip.