Experienced Baristas Wanted @ the Wherehouse Restaurant!

(Picture courtesy of Jonathan Valle Photography)

Newburgh keeps chugging along with great changes. One of the most next exciting changes is the opening of the Wherehouse Restaurant at 119 Liberty Street. Today after doing the usual google searching, I came upon this job listing for the restaurant:

“FOH/BOH Applications accepted for all FOH/BOH positions, incl experienced Baristas for new & exciting concept restaurant in the revitalized downtown Newburgh. Apply in person at The Wherehouse, 119 Liberty St. Tues-Thurs 10-12 & 2-5 as of 1/2. Found in our Help Wanted – Restaurant/Bar category.”

I had NO clue what FOH/BOH means…so after a little research it seems FOH means: front of house. And, BOH means: back of house. FOH workers include Floor Managers, Hosts, Servers, and Bussers. BOH includes the Chef, Sous Chef, Line Cooks, and Dishwashers. They also posted the position on MySpace. It should be interesting to see the help since MySpace attracts a lot of internet savvy/young/students. It seems they are at the restaurant every Tuesday thru Thursday until opening for interviews. That means that the grand opening is SOON! I wish I knew what cuisine they were offering…and a website would be helpful too!

River Architects has the Wherehouse listed as one of their clients for 2008 and you can see their sign in the storefront. They are affiliated with projects for the Brooklyn Museum and Pratt Institute. River Architects was asked to help with the revitalization of one of Peekskill’s oldest structures. Hopefully the city Newburgh could commission them to revitalize the old school or train station. They also have some pretty swanky restaurants, bars, and lounges in their repertoire as well. I don’t know what kind of decor they are planning, but it should be impressive. Check out one of River Architects projects at Fusion Bar & Lounge in NYC. Imagine seeing something like this in Newburgh City??? WOW. Change is happening…..

(Pictures taken from River Architects)

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  • The Liberty Street School is a restoration project in process by Bluestone Developers. The Train Station is owned by provate individuals who are probably waiting to see what happens with the Lyland project. The Neburgh Preservation Association has been in contact with them in regards to doing something with the building.

  • Awesome! Thanks for info anonymous!

  • what a great blog. I’m looking forward to following along with the revitalization.

  • googling “wherehouse restaurant” assumes one has misspelled the word and defaults to “warehouse”–hope the new owner is a-where.

  • I think the “wherehouse restaurant” opens today. I’m going to stop by this week for lunch and will come back here with my review.

  • Put our lunch review on the other page – Wherehouse is a great place for lunch/dinner – prices are fair, staff is wonderful and the place itself is absolutely beautiful – food is excellent – comfort food with a flair – Chef/Owner is the nicest guy, completely approachable – makes you want to keep coming back! Let’s support our local businesses – everybody get out this weekend and give Wherehouse a whirl! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  • Yummo had lunch at the Wherehouse March 14.
    Enjoyed every bit of my corned beef and cabbage
    my lunch partner had sheppards pie great also.
    Beautiful job on the restoratation.
    Pleasant wait staff.
    Good Luck to all, Newburgh needs people to go out and support forward thinkers like the Wherehouse folks.


  • Thanks for the write-up! Very exciting to come across this blog and then find our portfolio featured here. We had a wonderful time working with Dan and Michele of the Wherehouse, and with their contractor, Sal Salazar of Sal's Construction.

    Other places we have worked in Newburgh: 10 Bayview Terrace and interior consulting for the rededicated Elbow Room. We are currently working with Sal on 51 Carson Street restoration, and hopefully we have a few more things up our sleeves!!

    Ultimate goal for River Architects: LEED Platinum Certified, medium density, urban infill housing in Newburgh- live/work studio spaces with green roofs.