Become a ‘Locavore’

New York Area Food Wheel Available at  

With Spring coming up right around the corner on March 20th, it is a good time to think about all the new fruits and veggies that will be available to us in the upcoming season. And, it is a great idea to start thinking about buying your produce locally. Not only are local foods usually better quality, but you are also helping local farmers be sustainable. Soooo, become a ‘locavore’.As Moo & Oink put it, “a locavore is a person dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally.” They list many great reasons to eating locally. M&O is dedicated to selling quality locally grown produce, dairy, and meats.

The above wheel is a New York area food wheel that is designed to help you figure out the best times of the year to buy locally grown produce. Just turn the wheel to reveal the peak season and overall availability of your favorite fruits and vegetables. The website also lists recipes for in season produce. They are available for retail and wholesale buyers. See more at