Petition It!

Recently I came across some petition websites that I thought was interesting to share since it is no secret that the residents of the city of Newburgh are extremely concerned about what is happening to their city. Whether it be a petition on crime, city government, education, salvation of historic structures, or quality of life issues -a petition could be an excellent way to voice concerns that many have. And, what better way to use technology than using a online petition? Collecting signatures would show that many others feel the same way. The open community forum on Saturday, February 7th had great attendance of more than 70 people. See the Times Herald-Record article on the forum here. As was mentioned at the forum, “Learn how to use the Internet. Learn to use the library. Learn how to use reference books.”

What would you petition for?? It’s worth a shot!

Here are a few petition websites that can help you jump start a petition for your cause: