Creative Living in the Hudson Valley

(Pictures taken from Roll Magazine)

Roll Magazine is a great online e-magazine to see what is going on in the Hudson Valley. They offer reviews of music, art, theater and cinema. In the creative living section they offer peeks in to fashion, gardening, and food reviews. You can upload their current January issue online as a PDF file. This is an exciting place to be seen or be heard, so look through all of their links as they have a wealth of information of what is going on.

Ann Street Gallery’s
“Collage Logic” show was featured in their October 10-November 10th issue. Writer Abby Luby described the show as, “diverse, powerful, engrossing, and firmly plants the growing Newburgh arts scene on the map.” This is fantastic news and I hope that more shows with such great reviews will be hosted at the Ann Street Gallery. Below is some of the art that was featured:

(Pictures taken from Roll Magazine




The other marvelous thing about this website is their calendar. You can scroll down and specify Newburgh. There you will see that every Tuesday and Thursday there is a Jazz Jam at Terrace Bar & Lounge and Pamela’s on the Hudson respectively. Based on my MySpace site, I know that there are a lot of musicians on Newburgh’s scene. Adding your event to their calendar is a great way to show what is going on in Newburgh. Click here on directions on how to post an event on their calendar or email .