Newburgh Publishing Company featured in Vanity Fair


So a little while ago I mentioned the printing press in Newburgh that is creating quite a buzz. Well, now on newsstands is the current issue of Vanity Fair Magazine that features fine stationery directly from an old warehouse in Newburgh, NY. The article is titled, “Meet the Press: Bespoke Treasures From Books to Stationery.” Check out the article below for yourself…

There are also quite a few number of blogs that have been oohing and aahing over the beautiful work of Harvard graduate and owner, Luke Ives Pontifell. Click on any of the blog titles below to hear what people are saying:


Now if I could only get more information about Mr. Pontifell and his warehouse in Newburgh! They are located right down the street from Washington’s Headquarters. I already love the photos that are featured in the Vanity Fair article. 

On another note, today starts the Newburgh 2009 Jazz Series! There will be 18 free concerts throughout the summer, many of whom are Grammy Winning Musicians

Today’s Event: Chiku Awali African Dancers & Drummers, and A Perfect Gift: All That Jazz
Location: The waterfront landing in Newburgh, NY
When: Every Wednesday and Thursday during July and August
Time: 6:30 P.M. — 8:30 P.M.
In case of rain: The rain location will be at the City of Newburgh Activity Center, 401 Washington Street

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  • this looks like a very cool old town. Gotta get up there! Any old diners or movie houses?

  • Hi Ken. As a matter of fact there is an old theater called the Ritz Theater which debuted many famous actors before they became famous. Newburgh's theaters was the start for many actors before making it on Broadway. Lucille Ball is a prime example. Today the Ritz hosts many sold out shows, and the Downing Film Center also in an old building, debuts many films. Dig around, you'll be surprised at how much you find. Cheers.