Newburgh Train Station: Fixing the roof

© Newburgh Restoration, 2009 

Look below and you will realize that compared to what it used to look like, the Newburgh (West Shore) Train Station is a dream. The entire structure was in danger of being completely destroyed. But, now the station’s roof is being restored and the structure being made secure. All of this thanks to Newburgh Preservation Association (NPA) who have been instrumental in changing the owners of the building after long negotiations. Click on the link above to read more information on NPA’s website. 

Although it remains unclear what the outcome of the building will be, it is wonderful to see that the right actions have been taken to move this project in a positive direction.

If you are really curious to see how badly neglected the building was, check out Hudson Valley Ruins that has great pictures of the interior and exterior of the train station.

© T.E. Rinaldi, 2006

© Robert J. Savino, 2002

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