Newburgh Farmer has the good stuff

(Edible Manhattan) 

Newburgh farmer, Nancy MacNamara, is so passionate about her greens that she delivers them herself. That is not the only extraordinary thing about her business, Honey Locust Farms which is on a small two acre piece of land. According to Edible Manhattan, after Nancy spent some time in Europe, she came back to the states and began selling fresh produce. It was there she realized a need for good food, fresh food, and specialty produce. Now Nancy grows specialty produce for catering companies, award winning restaurants, and chefs looking for exclusive delectable finds.

Her sweet cicely caught the attention of the NY Times when writer Christine Muhlke found some sprinkled on his plate. But, Nancy offers oh so much more. “Breakfast radishes, tender soybean, miniscule sorrel, fresh honeycomb, chicories (treviso, puntarelle), stinging nettles, ruchetta (a wild arugula), agretti (a marsh-grown plant with a taste similar to sea beans) and rue (a bitter plant used to perfume broths and pasta water)” are just some of the specialty items she offers according to Edible Manhattan.

Fortunately for Newburghers, she’s not that far away.

Honey Locust Farms
7 Morris Drive
Newburgh, NY 12550
Nancy MacNamara

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