Mini Series Introduction: Meet a Newburgher

One of the main goals of this blog is to interest people in moving to Newburgh. I try to do that through many methods of letting people know about community events, real estate, businesses, and the newest restoration projects that are going on. What better way for you to get a feel for what the city is like than to “meet” some of it’s residents and their take on the city? With out further or ado I present to you a mini series (we’ll see how mini it is by participants) called: Meet a Newburgher. Monday will be the first interview.

If you want neighbors to fill in some of the empty spots on your block consider participating in the series. You would be amazed if you knew the locations of some of the frequent visitors to this blog. Moving to Newburgh just might be on somebody’s wish list.

If you, or anyone you know lives in the city of Newburgh and would like to participate please contact me at

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