Series: Meet a Newburgher- Sue

Meet: Sue, owner of Design by Sue

How many years have you been living in the city of Newburgh?
Living here 24 years, in business here 27 years

What made you decide to move here?
An opportunity to buy a building and business that couldn’t be passed up brought me to Newburgh. (The business cost $25,000 and the building – a three story commercial building with the possibility of 2 apartments above, full basement and attic was only $15,000). Since that time, I closed the stationery store that I bought (Snyder’s Stationers) and reopened under the current business, Design by Sue where I offer graphic design, printing, signs and displays, website design and hosting and stained glass work. (Visit my website at and to see my underwater photography visit

What are some things you would change about Newburgh (realistically)?
I would like to see our city government stop embarrassing itself and the city.

What are some things you enjoy about living in Newburgh? Your community? What are some positive things?
I enjoy the wonderful people of Newburgh. Having been here for such a long time, I have established many good friends, business associates and connections. I am thrilled to see the development of Liberty Street, with all of the new businesses. It is great to be able to walk across the street for dinner at the Warehouse (or just a little way up Broadway to Christine’s on Broadway) or just down the street to such a great collection of the businesses including Liberty Locksmith, Newburgh Artisans, Mrs. Max, Newburgh Art Supply, Mary’s Cheesecake Headquarters (Hearts Delight Bakery), Washington Park Florist, Custom House (New), Terrace Tavern, Simple Gifts and Goodies and others whom I’m sure I forgot. Liberty Street has become such a nice community.

What do you think makes Newburgh a unique city?
It’s beautiful location on the Hudson River, the multiplicity of people who live here and the unique mix of architecture.

What is a common misconception about Newburgh that you would like to set straight?
That you have to be afraid for your life to enter the city. As in any city, there are areas where you need to be extra alert to your surroundings, but Newburgh has a lot of to offer – come to Newburgh and experience it.

Do you have any details you would like to share about the history of your home or any home renovations details/stories?
My building was built in the 1860’s and is a commercial building with residential space above. I know that at one time there was a candy store either in the building or real close because when I used to give the address, the “old timers” would say “Oh yes, I remember the Fanny Farmer candy store well.”

What advice would you give some one looking to move to the City of Newburgh and buy a home or rent?
Do it! Newburgh is a city with great potential and we are moving forward in the adventure of rebirth – be a part of it.

Thank you Sue for participating! These interviews show that the city is alive and full of residents interested in it’s restoration. I can only keep it going with your help. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in a similar interview, please contact me at

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