Real Estate: 33 Chambers Street

**Sorry people looks like this property was bought already! But here is a link for a house in the same price range and style. Click here**

Here is a new house for sale. The price is ridiculous, and really perks ones curiosity. But then again, for that price you KNOW that this house is in need of some major work! Click on the source link above to see the realtor’s website for more photos. They took a lot of them. The floors look like they all need to be redone and the kitchens and bathrooms need to be torn out. However, the best thing about this property is that it comes with the adjoining properties on both sides, 31 & 35 Chambers. Having that land could have a lot of advantages or possibilities. The back yard is pretty big too-judging from the pictures. I’m kind of curious to check this place out… Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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