Preserving Newburgh Hand Guide

This 16 page guide up above is provided by the city on how to preserve your Newburgh house. It is also in Spanish (¡ Así que no hay excusa!)

If you are looking to own a home in Newburgh definitely check out this guide. It will give you an idea of what kind of architecture can be found in Newburgh and the responsibilities of owning a historic home. Here are some of the different styles of homes you can find here:

  • Federal
  • Greek Revival
  • Gothic Revival
  • Second Empire
  • Queen Anne
  • 20th Century Revival
  • and MORE

If you own a home in Newburgh already, this guide is great because it gives many guidelines to restoring a home. Should you use vinyl siding or repaint your home? Is it better to buy new windows or maintain your old ones? What’s wrong with your satellite dish? How important is your porch or your fence? All of these questions are addressed in this handy guide.

(source) page 10 of guide

Remember, maintaining the integrity of your home not only helps your investment, it helps the community as a whole. The more people restore homes, the more the look and feel or your block will change.

For even more information on restoring your home, check out the National Park Service Historic Preservation Internship Training Program. There are about 47 different guides for restoring your home. One that would be useful is How to remove graffiti. We’ll discuss that one latter.

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