History Alive @ Old Town Cemetery

©Don Herron

The lives of interesting people buried in Newburgh’s two oldest cemeteries will be recreated by dedicated citizen actors standing at each grave site as the audience circulates through the cemetery. Old Town Cemetery lives will be portrayed in the morning, 9:30am, and at St. George’s Cemetery in the early afternoon. Old Town Cemetery’s oldest legible headstone dates back to a death in 1759. This year’s event is a part of the City’s Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration . Nineteenth century boxed lunches, cider, and apple desserts will be sold at noon. A trolley bus will circulate all day among the cemetery programs and historic Liberty Street and waterfront neighborhoods.

One of the interesting people to be portrayed will be a lawyer named William Fullerton, pictured above. He was born in 1817 and died in 1900. He was known for his impersonations of Queen Victoria and even received praises from her as it seems he also performed it for her. And I am pretty sure the actor representing Mr. Fullerton will have quite a Queen Victoria impersonation them self. Click here for a blog about his life and his residence.

A major goal of this event is to bring attention to the upkeep of the cemeteries, and the restoration of the archway of the Old Town Cemetery. There will also be musical and Native American presentations.

Click here for a full detailed article on the event and the citizens that will be portrayed. And, see below for a map of the two cemeteries. “A” is Old Town Cemetery located on Grand Street, and St. George’s Cemetery can be seen next to Washington’s HQ.