See Click Fix Newburgh

Thanks to John from Beacon for bringing up this idea. The above map is from a website called “See Click Fix”. It is a website where neighbors report non-emergency problems and figure out ways to have them fixed. Here is one of the reasons the website was started:

A few local governments have enough sophistication to run functional websites or 311 hot lines. Most do not have the resources to do much more than brochure-ware. Our site is a place for citizens from anywhere to give their local government a website that tracks local issues. No set-up time. No hiring consultants to study the issue. Just SeeClickFix.

Everyone knows about the problems with the City’s government. The issues at hand might not be as simple as “see click fix” but this website is definitely worth a try. A broad map has been created for the City of Newburgh to report problems. This is a place to report problems with roads, side walks, garbage, stop signs, or anything else that you think deserves attention. One former resident of Newburgh mentioned that he felt that there was a lack of communication within Newburgh’s own citizens. To resolve problems on this website, it generally involves the community coming together. Hopefully this site can catch wind with some city officials as well. As you can see in the 1st picture, this website is very popular in the East Coast, just nothing for Newburgh-YET. Interested in seeing where this could lead? Pass it on. You can even use the icon below to forward it to anyone you know.

See Click Fix City of Newburgh’s Website