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Everyone has been chattering about the restoration of Newburgh’s West Shore Rail Road Station that is at the foot of Broadway. This building was a major eyesore but, as has been mentioned before, there is a great restoration process taking place there. The building is part of the Newburgh Historical Society’s 2009’s Candle Light Tour, and was mentioned in the Wallkill Valley Times. Here are some interesting details of the article: 

“Owner Ray Yannone is aiming for Spring 2010 occupancy of the station, pending final approval of the Newburgh City Planning Board. One potential tenant is an art and antiques gallery. “It’s more a labor of love than anything,” said Yannone, a Newburgher by birth. He long hoped for the opportunity to purchase the old station, and about a year ago, a deal was finalized. “Things were all over the map for a while,” Yannone said of negotiations. But now, he is only months away from completion of the project…I found by working on the building… there’s a general interest in improving things. It shows that people do respect it a little. Yannone’s two daughter, Elizabeth and Marinna, will be dressed in period clothing, and the sounds of holiday broadcasts starring Bing Crosby will fill the brick building. War posters, as well as historical photographs of the station in its prime will decorate the walls.”

The future occupation of the building is definitely hopeful news. And, Newburgh Restoration came across Mr. Yannone’s website that tracks the progress of the restoration. There are many photos, and if you scroll all the way down on the ‘progress’ page, you can see enlarged photographs. When you see the state of train station in older photos, you really come to appreciate the hard work that has been done there. It was certainly not an easy task! The rest of us anxiously await the outcome!

If you are interested in renting the commercial space at the train station, contact:

Raymond D.Yannone, Jr.
Phone: 845-565-8530
Fax: 845-565-6360

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