Newburgh Real Estate: 98 Williams Street

This house is actually a set of 4 that is on Williams Street. Normally this house wouldn’t look like anything special. But, I have actually been in the house that is part of the set of 4. Let me just say, on the outside it looks like a little cottage, and on the inside it was constructed the same (of course I can’t attest to condition of this specific house). If this house is anything like the one I saw, there is fireplace in the small living room (that has probably been sealed off), and another one in the dinning room which was very rustic looking. On the second floor there were 3 tiny bedrooms, and on the top floor a narrow stair case that led to the attic bedroom. One of the tiny bedrooms could easily be converted into a bathroom. And the foundation was rock solid, with round stones molded into a foundation. 

Here is the MLS listing info. And it’s next door neighboor, (same style house) 102 Williams is for sale too. Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

One Comment

  • this is a great house if you can stomach the neighborhood. It is much better since they put up cameras on William and South William. I lived around the corner for several years. It needs an urban pioneer!