Fahrenheit 180° Exhibit

©Francisco Benitez 

February 27, 2010 —March 28, 2010 

The Ann Street Gallery proudly presents a new exhibition, Fahrenheit 180: A Group Encaustic Exhibition, with an Artist Reception on Saturday, February 27 from 6-9 PM

In this exhibition, fifteen contemporary artists from across the country and abroad explore the ancient tradition of encaustic painting. Works exhibited range from abstract designs to more complex figurative paintings. Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added and then applied to a variety of surfaces. Early examples of encaustic art date back to Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits in 100-300 AD, and later in the 20th Century, artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg embraced the medium. More recently, encaustic art has seen resurgence in popularity among contemporary artists as this event exemplifies. Those interested in the ancient medium of encaustic art should not miss this exhibit. The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 28.

-Ann Street Gallery

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