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Many people follow this blog because you grew up in Newburgh and have fond memories. Many of you have gone off and moved away, started families, and retired far away; yet you still hold Newburgh dear to your hearts. Quite frequently requests are made about how monetary contributions can be made to restoration efforts in Newburgh. Well, here is a prime example of a historic structure that is in need of donations to keep progress moving forward….(great pictures to follow)

Dutch Reformed Church– As mentioned in the Times Herald Record article, “two new projects, one ready to go and one in the planning stages, would together open it to the public when just 10 years ago, its west wall was ready to collapse. But the City of Newburgh, which is in the middle of a financial crisis, can’t afford the $50,000 it is supposed to spend toward the first project.” Another article also mentions, “According to Stuart Sachs, chairman of the Dutch Reformed Church Restoration Committee, repairs to the ceiling are all that is holding up progress from the next step in restoring the Newburgh site.” You can read more on their restoration progress here. Also, check out the historic structure report for detailed photos of the interior which show things like hidden murals and stencils (PDF files).

1967, Year last service was held
(Dutch Reformed Church)

The reuse of the building has many possibilities. The restoration committee has already considered many aspects that will be needed to bring the building to function for future events and ensure that the building is never unoccupied. If you would like to see this building restored with new life and performances click here to donate now. When this project is completed it could bring a huge positive impact on Newburgh.