Ready for Leasing

Look who has announced they are ready to start leasing out their building – the West Shore Train Station. I am really hoping they find some clients soon to help with the costs of maintaining the building, and to help offset the cost of the repair. Perhaps the promise of the new condo’s at the Regal Bag building will interest some future business owners. Remember, before this was just ginormous eyesore in Newburgh. Now new life has been breathed into the area…

There is 900-7,900 Square feet of Space! They are looking for a long term lease and will build to suit. Call 845-565-8530 or email Spread the word around to fellow entrepreneurs! Check out their Facebook page for future updates.

If you are unfamiliar with Newburgh, familiarize yourself by looking at maps and seeing how all of the future projects in Newburgh are within short distances of each other. Talk to local business owners about the area and about the success of their own businesses. For more positive Newburgh news check out this link.