New Fitness Center and Interview

Bernadette Scheible is owner of a new fitness center in Newburgh by the waterfront called Body and Soul. They just had their Grand Opening February 5th! You can keep up to date with the center and see photos on Facebook.

Bernadette has been teaching cardio fitness classes for the past 23 years. She is AFAA certified, CPR certified, and certified to teach all levels of Zumba. Her fitness center offers different types of Yoga classes and Pilates. And, currently they are offering specialty classes which are prenatal and postnatal yoga, as well as yoga for golfers. In these hard economic times it is amazing that Bernadette would take on this venture. So for those of you thinking about opening your own business, take a look at what Bernadette had to say about starting her dream job in Newburgh…

When did you come up with the concept for this fitness center?
I thought about this venture for a long time but, was not sure I could succeed. My mom passed away about 4 ½ years ago. I miss her terribly but, I did this with her in my mind. She always doubted herself and what she meant to so many people. She had dreams and before she could even try to fulfill them her life was cut short. She is always in my mind and is my main source of strength. I don’t want to grow old wishing I had tried to make a dream come true but didn’t because I was afraid. I was spending some time with a very good friend in late August, we were talking about it, we found a space and the idea became real.

Why did you choose the City of Newburgh as your location?
I have lived in the Hudson Valley my entire life – my grandparents and parents always spoke of how beautiful Newburgh had been. And if you look around you still see so much of its history and beauty. I think and hope in time Newburgh will once again be on the map – not for the crime and despair but for the history and the beauty of the area. In the beginning of December my dream became real when the landlord accepted my offer. The journey really begins.

What things were helpful in starting up your business?
As far as starting the business, I have had my share of both positive and negative feedback. I have learned to believe in myself and in the people who are part of the studio. I am following my heart with this venture. So may people encouraged the idea but, at the same time were so concerned. The positive outweighed the negative, and again if I didn’t try I would never know!!!

What were some of your dilemmas?
A few dilemmas along the way – such as SNOW!!! Weather was not cooperating- when you have 4 feet of snow in the city and not too many places to put it. We were without power for a few days but, we managed. Another issue was the fact that I was pretty settled in my life as far as working and my family. I was successful and content at the local gym I taught at but, there were so many things I wanted to do and could not!!! Here we are!

What advice would you give someone looking to start a business in Newburgh?
Coming to the City of Newburgh has so many challenges!! BUT with all the growth that is going on – this is the best time to start a business in Newburgh. There are going to be so many ups and downs with this. I am going to ride “positive not negative”. We offer so many wonderful classes and instructors – there is something for everyone!!

Thank you Bernadette for your time in sharing your experience in opening up a business in the City of Newburgh. Hopefully others can use your experience as inspiration to start their own venture. The location of Bernadette’s fitness center is at 12 Front Street, First Floor · Newburgh, NY 12550 · 845-562-BODY.

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