Update: See Click Fix Newburgh

Back in September, we showed you a website called See Click Fix. The map above shows what Newburgh looked like back in September 2009, and the map below shows what it looks like now.
(large map)
There are about 21 issues open right now in all of Newburgh. And, as many as 9 people want the “1000000000 POT HOLES GA-LOUR” fixed at 315 Liberty Street. See Click Fix even generates flyers for your specific issue. You can also vote for this to be fixed by texting “ISSUE 24247” to 41411. If enough people start voting and demanding change perhaps someone will take notice. This could be a great tool for the many neighborhood associations that have been started. Things like neighborhood clean ups and grafitti removal are things that citizens can do with out having to wait for the City government to take action. And when you resolve an issue don’t forget to close it out on the website. It shows others that positive actions are taking place in Newburgh.

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