Real Estate: 192 Robinson


This house has been on my radar for some time. It’s just the most adorable house ever! (from the pictures anyway.) This house seems to be in great condition, and looks like it could be a good starter home. I love the wrap around porch, the entry way, the original wood built ins and the sun room! Closer inspection would show the negatives, but it even has it’s own driveway and garage in the back. It is also right around the corner from Downing Park. See below for the rest of the pictures. Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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  • Ive been past this house all my life and always felt it to be charming and special.

  • I agree. Its just to bad it fronts such a busy road.

  • This house is back on the market for $129,900. It really is a lovely home inside and out. My grandmother’s friends Joan and Annunciata Costa lived there for as long as I can remember. I have pictures of me, my sister, mother and grandmother in front of the house in the 70s.
    I hope someone will buy it – it doesn’t look like it needs much work. I absolutely love the built ins too.