Before and After: The Foundry At Washington Park Condominium

Now that Polonia is no longer in charge of the Foundry Condominiums down on Johnes Street, it is up to tenants to upkeep the grounds. The building was an iron foundry that housed four different businesses in the late 1800’s. Now the Foundry is a complex of lofts and apartments, whose owners take pride in their residence. Proof of their pride was shown in the work done on April 24th to beautify the grounds by mulching, planting, and cleaning up.

Unit owners, board members and tenants all worked together to improve the community plus add curb appeal. Rachel Andrews and Roy Spells, President and Vice President of The Foundry Board of Managers respectively, were encouraged by the sense of commitment toward the community that was present in the owners and tenants who came to roll up their sleeves. They also considered local business, Mary’s Cheesecake Headquarters, when purchasing snacks and goodies to feed volunteers….giving back to the community by buying locally, I love it! If a couple of houses on each block would take the time to clean up and maintain their residences, the quality of life on each block could change greatly. It takes small steps first to start change. Why not try getting some of your neighbors together and try something similar? Enjoy the rest of the photos. Thank you Rachel!

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