Before and After: Johnston & Broadway



After yesterdays posting highlighting the positive efforts in Newburgh, it is with pleasure we present to you another great community effort to clean up parts of the City. Mothers and Others for a Better Newburgh (MO’Betta) and Mothers for Upward Movement (MUM) partnered with the City of Newburgh Department of Public Works (DPW) to clean up the back half of a city-owned vacant lot located at Johnston St. and Broadway on Mothers Day weekend.

Between the three organizations they removed large debris, cut overgrown trees and grass. They also picked up and bagged smaller garbage, raked cut grass, and sorted recyclable items that had been dumped on the site. What is left now is a clean lot that looks safe and is no longer an eyesore to the community.

Ariyike Diggs, co-founder and board member of MO’Betta said,“We believe the key to changing the City of Newburgh is a willingness on the part of all groups and parties to abandon preconceived notions, set aside differences and work together towards a common goal, and we hope this partnership is the first of many such collaborations.”

Mothers and Others for a Better Newburgh is a research-based organization that aims to use data and communications to help raise the standard at which the City of Newburgh operates for the betterment of the citizens of Newburgh and the community as a whole. The group can be reached on Facebook or at For more information, contact Merridith Ingram at (845) 674-3103.

Mothers for Upward Movement (MUM) is a group of mothers who have come together to try to improve the quality of life for the youth of Newburgh through nurturing, caring, and education. For more information on MUM, call (845)-787-0569.

If you have your own project that you would like to share, feel free to email me with before and after photos at NewburghRestoration{at}gmail{dot}com. It doesn’t have to be anything of a large scale or some expensive contruction project. It could be as simple as sharing the new flowers you have planted on your front porch. Showcasing everyone’s efforts shows how much of a desirable place Newburgh can be!

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  • I am very interested in volunteering. How do I sign up to help with these local efforts?
    I left Newburgh in '94 and come back in '02. Everyone that I tell my story to asks me the same question – why did you come back to Newburgh. Newburgh is beautiful – my friends and family are here – my memories are here, planted in the soil I walk on. My mission as discussed in local hot spots around town is to revitalize lower Newburgh. The history, the beauty of the buildings – everyone should see and experience Newburgh in all its splendor.
    Any information would be great to assist in further endeavors.

  • Hi Tiffany, you can contact the local group that has the information above. But please contact me. You can email me at NewburghRestoration(at)gmail(dot)com