New Exhibition, The Green Wave: Sustainability and Found Object

“Opening” by Rik Catlow
“Sacred” by Rik Catlow

In the Newburgh Business Scene Survey you all said you wanted more art galleries. Well, here is your chance to support one that is already up and operating!

The Ann Street Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition, The Green Wave: Sustainability & Found Object Exhibition, which opens with an Artist Reception on Saturday, June 26 from 6-9 PM. The exhibit runs through Saturday, August 7.

The artists featured in the exhibit include:

David Borsenstein
Rik Catlow
Deborah Colotti
David Edgar
Janice Gordon
Brooke Holve
Julie Kornblum
Todd Knopke
Patianne Stevenson

“The works presented also raise worthy questions such as: How does art negotiate the subjects of sustainability? What does art tell us about development, growth and the use of our natural resources? To what extent is art itself a sustainable enterprise? And, more importantly, can art help us decide whether our lives are sustainable and/or make us more optimistic about the future. Here artists attempt to navigate through the paradox of having an environmentalist agenda, while remaining active as object maker and user of materials. Thus, in the end, recognizing and coming to terms with the hypocrisy of using materials that contribute to the degrading of the earth. However, the arts can provide contextual knowledge, as well as, evoke emotional and analytical response to our current environmental crisis. Therefore, it is our hope this exhibit can serve as an initiator, encouraging collaborative work on sustainability, while providing a space for cross-disciplinary dialogue.

For more information regarding the exhibit and the Ann Street Gallery, contact Virginia Walsh, Director at (845) 562-6940 x. 119,, or visit