Before and After: 12 Liberty Street

12 Liberty Collage 1

Check out this before and after on Liberty Street in Washington Market. It might seem like a simple project but a lot was involved. The owner of this building used Community Development funds for the improvements made to the exterior. The program is called the Façade/Signage Grant Program for Businesses & Residences. The priority of this program is to upgrade the external appearance of business and/or rental property in the City of Newburgh, which in turn will enhance the quality of life for all residents. Successful applicants may receive up to $25,000 for façade renovations. Click here for the brochure, and click here for the application.
12 Liberty Collage 2

The improvements that were done were new windows which were deemed historically correct (as per the Architectural Review Board which has to OK exterior projects in the Historic District). New paint was put on all wood surfaces. They restored the original door and did pointing work to ensure the integrity of the brick work. Thanks for sharing Anne!

If you have your own project that you would like to share, feel free to email me with before and after photos at NewburghRestoration{at}gmail{dot}com. It doesn’t have to be anything of a large scale or some expensive contruction project. It could be as simple as sharing the new flowers you have planted on your front porch. Showcasing everyone’s efforts shows how much of a desirable place Newburgh can be!

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  • I am so happy they are restoring the city! I lived for awhile in Newburgh, I also did an Art excibition at the Newburgh Liberary,

  • Its really a good news that they are restoring the city and offering the rich look. Its something like old wine in a new bottle.

  • I was in Newburgh visiting in the month of July 2011 and noticed that it has improved quite a bit since when i attended Mount Saint Mary College in the Mid 1990’s, back then you couldnt walk on South St in broad daylight unless you were scoring drugs. Additionally, the Latino population has grown considerably. In 1995 Mid Broadway was abandoned, fast forward to 2011 and there are latin Beauty salons, Grocery stores like the ones in NYC, businesses, etc, I value the history of this city so much, I am willing to relocate from Miami, FL to Newburgh NY and get involved in Urban renewal advocacy programs, get involved in local politics, stand up for the residents, if anyone is willing to guide me in that path reply please Luis Ramirez