New Newburgh Websites

Things are getting hot in Newburgh’s internet world. More and more people are setting up websites for their organizations, businesses, and blogs. This is truly a great example of using the internet for something positive to get the word out about Newburgh’s revival. Many people can only search Newburgh via the internet until they can make the 1 hour trip up from NYC. Until then, check out the new news in Newburgh. We encourage you to make your own website as well! Let’s get the word out! Click on the images to go to webpage.

“The Newburgh Heights Association, Inc. (“NHA”) is a nonprofit organization whose members work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in our community. The NHA’s primary objective to achieve this goal is ensuring that all codes and ordinances of the City of Newburgh are enforced. Membership in the NHA is limited to residents of Newburgh, New York who live anywhere in the geographic area from the west side of Bridge Street east to Bay View Terrace, and from the north side of Benkard Avenue south to Bay View Terrace.” They even have a forum/discussion board!

Mary’s Cheesecake Headquarters is back on the map with a new website. She is also on Facebook if you would like to be her fan, and she’s encouraging all of you to buy locally in Washington Market on Liberty Street!

Another addition to the Washington Market area on Liberty Street is the Fairweather Cafe at Terrace Tavern. The Fairweather Cafe is located in the backyard of the Terrace Tavern. You can check out their latest offers, see their menu, and find out about live bands performing regularly.

Ann Hudson is behind this new blog called, “A New Newburgh,” that envisions everything that Newburgh can become, and takes a look at the past. She does some great projects and great ideas. We all want a New Newburgh!
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