Growing up in 1950’s Newburgh

September 19th @ 3pm
The Captain David Crawford House
189 Montgomery St. Newburgh

Come out and see Newburgh’s very own authoress, Genie Abrams, who writes about what it was like to grow up in Newburgh in the late 1950’s-60’s.

Genie Abrams, who resides in Washington Heights, grew up on Farrington Street when her father, Albert Abrams, served as Newburgh City Manager.  With published poetry, short stories and essays to her credit, Ms. Abrams’ first novel debuted in 2009 and she has a second one in progress.  That first novel, Louey Levy’s Greatest Catch, will be featured in a program hosted by the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands.

In Ms. Abrams’ novel, young Louisa “Louey” Levy is tested by life among Newburgh’s strong people and hard realities as the decade turns from 1959 to 1960.  Abrams will read passages from her book and have copies available for sale and autograph.

City Historian Mary McTamaney also grew up in Newburgh and has seen the city go through joyful and sorrowful times. She will introduce Genie Abrams, giving a background on the times of their youth and showing pictures of their old neighborhoods, including the Liberty Street playground where Miss Louey Levy and her siblings and friends once played. Copies are for sale at the Palatine Shop.

Members: free
Non-members: $5 donation
Please call 845-561-2585 for details