Newburgh Waterfront 1970

George Clinton Statue
Water Street at First Street (Clinton Square)
©Library of Congress, 1970

Images can be so striking sometimes. Especially when you can look at old photos in high resolution. It’s almost like you can place yourself in the picture back in time. I came across these photos from the Library of Congress, all taken in 1970. The first emotion that I feel is sadness. To know that these were places that were busy, bustling with people, to then become so vacant, lonely, and then completely demolished, it makes you feel sad.

One of the best things about Newburgh is the architecture. A lot of it still remains despite all of the razing that has happened. None of these structures in these pictures remain although, the statue was relocated. Doesn’t the firehouse look like the perfect loft? The good thing is that there are many structures like these left. So, here’s a look back in time appreciating what was once had, and hoping for a brighter future for what we still have left. Click twice on any of the images to see them in higher resolution.

Houses on Colden Street

Houses on Colden Street

Ringgould Firehouse
63 Colden Street


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