Real Estate: 155 Liberty: Elks Lodge


Here’s a look at some commercial property for sale in Newburgh. This is the former Elks Lodge on 155 Liberty Street listed for $750,000. It was designed by famous architect of the time James Riely Gordon. He designed many courthouses all over the entire country. This is part of some “developers package” deal where the buyer can obtain 8 other properties through the purchase of this one. That will probably fluctuate the price a bit.

The Elks bought this property in 1909 back when it was considered “the old hospital property on Liberty Street,” and in 1930 voted to build this building. Mr. Gordon died a few years later. I’m not sure who would be a candidate for this building. But, it’s extremely handsome, and has remained in tact all of these years. It also goes with the whole deer head/taxidermy theme that has been all over the design blogs as of lately. Thank goodness “urban renewal” didn’t claim this building too. Take a peep below.

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  • Downtown Newburgh was awesome when I was a very young one, lots of shopping on water street. My Dad had many stories many theatres in Newburgh, could go from one to another all day long. They swam in the Hudson River. I would love to see Newburgh make a come back as from what read an told Newburgh was a happening place many many years ago. Great old buildings for sure, It will turn around and hopefully we will all survive to see it.