Old Windows vs. New Windows

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When renovating an old home, many homeowners are tempted to throw out original old windows in exchange for new ones thinking that this is the best option economically and environmentally. Many homeowners in Newburgh could tell you a different story.

Nationwide, historical societies and even development agencies have attested to the durability of historic windows. Looking around Newburgh it’s pretty obvious to see that these buildings and homes were made to last, and so were the windows! Old windows were made to be repaired. New aluminum or vinyl windows have to be thrown out when parts break, which in turn clogs up many landfills. Old wooden windows are repairable with a little elbow grease, and in the end can save you money not only in replacement costs, but can also be just as efficient on heating costs. They also are just as important to the historic aesthetic of a home as any other exterior detail.

The point of this blog posting is to show you that there are more options than just throwing out your old windows. The other point is to show you that you don’t necessarily have to shy away from an old home with old windows because you are scared of the heating costs. If you take the necessary precautions and do the proper work they can be one of the best investments you have made on your home. It’s still a personal choice that each homeowner will have to make. With that said, take a look at some of these links that go into detail about saving historic windows. PS-there are TONS of window restoration websites. This is just a minute sample.

from NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission Rowhouse Manual

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  • If anyone in Newburgh is looking for someone who does this work I know of two people. Jeff Wallace 784-1003 the other individual I don’t have last name of contact but I will get and post here.
    I myself have done a few of my 90+ yr old windows. Once you get a system going you can get them done quite well. I purchased replacement parts from Wm. Killian hardware good service and reasonable prices. If anyone would like to borrow I have a copy of the Window Dr. Instructional tape. Another source for sash repair is Johnstons Millwork on South Dix.

  • The other resource for repair and restoration is Gilberto Salazar 728-8961

  • Thanks so much for that info Brigidanne!