Real Estate: 298 Liberty Street


Here’s a property on Liberty Street, close to Mount Saint Mary’s College. It’s listed for $149,900 and aparrently was built in 1900, but I think that it’s older than that. Most of these homes were already in existence when the Palantine Hotel was erected in 1893. Either way it’s older than 100 years old, and still maintains some original details. This house also probably needs a good amount of work, but it looks like you could live in the house while rehabbing it.

Use a little bit of imagination and picture what this place would look like with out the carpet, restored moldings, and a big ‘ol wreath on the front door with some mums on the front steps. That’s the great thing about Newburgh, everyone has a shot as planning the city’s redevelopment. By picking areas to concentrate redevelopment, sections will start to change. Take a peep!

Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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  • Umm…yes, somebody please buy this house! It’s currently all rental units and would be much better served as an owner-occupied building!!

  • An old post that someone commented on recently. Okay, I’ll jump in: I live two doors down and pray that this area of Newburgh is re-invented. There are at least 8 buildings on this block that I wish were owner-occupied. The constant churning of low-income tenants is a serious problem. Help.

    • Help from who? Newburgh’s long term capital plan anticipates to be $40 mil. minimum, bonded over 15 years. ‘Put that into perspective; the City’s borrowed $9 mil. under its ‘recovery act’ increased property taxes 130% over 3 years. Further, in 2011 taxable assessed values were $1,187 mil.. Its 2015 taxable assessed value is just $895 mil.. Muni bond ratings are largely based on cash flow, so unless the revenue exceeds the increased borrowing expenses the bonding capacity drops. Newburgh is beyond being in a liquidity trap, it must borrow just to keep from going third world. Yet, nobody is asking where the $’s are coming from. Hmmm, ‘blight securitization’…at 80k a demo they have to be making something on the delta ?