Tacos Los Portales

Back in June we mentioned a taco truck on Broadway. Someone mentioned Los Portales, so we stopped by to check them out too. They are located at 295-299 Broadway.

One of the first things I noticed was that the restaurant was packed with Mexican families. So my friend and I knew that the food was going to be good! The tacos were super yummy and super CHEAP! I didn’t jot down the prices, but it was something like 3 flautas for $1.25, thick burritos for around $5.00 and 2 tacos for $2 something. We really stuffed ourselves that night!

I even ordered some take out for later so that I could share some with my husband. Needless to say, these tacos were inhaled!

This was just some sinage that is pretty funny, if you understand Spanish. It basically says, “Don’t get mad if I charge you, because I don’t accept tabs.” I know, it sounds better in Spanish!

There is a large Mexican presence in Newburgh which accounts for the really authentic food at Los Portales. The owners of the restaurant were very sweet and we had an awesome time hanging out with all of the Mexican families! Click here for a look at more Newburgh Restaurants.

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  • I can tell you this is one of my favorites.

  • Working and living in Newburgh..def. one of my all time favorite mexican restuarants. Authentic mexican food, not TEX-MEX. I promise you will be hooked. If you make it in for lunch you can even watch your favorite “novela” or Spanish soap opera.
    On Saturday mornings, Portales makes amazing Tamals as well but you have to get there upon opening at 8 am because they do not last.