Real Estate: 103 Washington St.


I’ve seen this place many a times driving through the Washington Market/Heights district. It’s right around the corner from Washington’s Headquarters and Caffé Macchiato. It’s also down the street from Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore. In other words, the area is pretty quiet and nice. Habitat for Humanity has been restoring many properties in direct vecinity to this property. So, it’s worth it to check it out. A few window boxes and a freshly painted eye catching door would really give it some curb appeal. It’s a single family home, built in 1900, with 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. It also looks pretty cute from the outside. It kinda reminds me of a tavern in some old quaint town, er Newburgh. Click here to see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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  • Newburgh Restoration always makes me feel better about the outlook for my hometown. Thank you for all of your positive , hard work!