Newburgh in Preservation Magazine

I’m quite excited about this small feature inside the March/April 2011 Preservation Magazine. They have a section of the magazine called “Transitions” where they discuss historic properties that are in limbo, threatened, lost, restored, or saved.  I instantly thought that the success story of the Westshore Train Station would be an excellent addition for a restored story. I wrote the magazine, which in turn was able to speak to the Tran Station’s owner Ray Yannone. Now, Newburgh is in a national magazine for something positive. You can check out this link or read the small excerpt below:

Newburgh West Shore Train Station In 1909, architects Whitney Warren and Charles Wetmore designed this depot for Newburgh, N.Y., a few years before completing their most celebrated commission, Grand Central Terminal. Newburgh’s station closed in 1958, subsequently enduring multiple fires and decades of neglect. In November, the building reopened after a local businessman purchased the property and restored it as a playhouse and restaurant.”

I just want to mention that this was as easy as writing an email. Anyone has the opportunity to put Newburgh in a positive light. For more positive Newburgh news check out this link.