Real Estate: 75 Bay View Terrace + River Views

Bay View Terrace is in the Heights District in Newburgh. Right now, homes prices vary depending on the condition of the home and it is still possible to buy. Bay View Terrace is a very desirable place to own a home because it sits on an elevated bluff that offers front yard views of the Hudson River. This home at 75 Bay View Terrace is absolutely charming. According to the listing, you can even see Bannerman Island from the home. Some other cool things about this home are all of the original details that are still intact including hardwood floors, pocket doors, untouched stained wood moldings, a grand staircase and a classic bath with a pedestal sink and a vintage tub plus, exterior wood siding painted with period colors. Looking at the pictures it looks like the light fixtures are original too, and the kitchen looks retro- in a good way.

Enough jabbering, take a look at the photos below! Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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  • I LOVE this house. It was on the market when we were buying, but someone else beat us to it. So cute, and such a great location.

  • I wish I had the $$ to put down for this house. I hope whoever buys it keeps it up as well as it has been.

  • I loved that house to and met the person who beat us to it 😉
    Happy now anyway, and hope someone gets to enjoy that sweet little arts and crafts beauty 😉

  • Hi All….I will be reducing the price $30,000 to $200,000 on Monday….please help spread the word !!!!! Thank you…..

    PS: Anna, love your blog too !! You and Cher are doing great work !!!!!