Rescue Me: 16 Clark Street

This photo was taken in the SoBro area, at 16 Clark Street on the corner of Ann Street. Records say that the home was built in 1890, and that the last sale was in 2007. Today, it’s boarded up and vacant. Click here for a listing that doesn’t provide too much information other than the price.

Newburgh is New York State’s second largest historic district after NYC. Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them.I’ll continue to post my own photos, but if you have a particular building you would like to see saved, email me the photo of any building you appreciate that you would like to see rescued!

One Comment

  • I like the idea of rescuing these old historic homes. The problem is that they are owned by people who aren’t selling them. There is a bigger problem in the City of Newburgh than a run-down economy. The city of Newburgh is allowing owners to leave their homes vacant for indefinite periods of time with no requirements that the owner be either repairing the home or dwelling in it. The city should be imposing fines for any owners who allow their homes to sit vacant and in disrepair for long periods of time. Either be fixing it, living in it or selling it to someone who will.