Newburgh Real Estate: 291 Liberty Street

This home at 291 Liberty is listed at $395,000. The price seems really high, especially considering all the work that has to be done. Take a look at some interior photos and you’ll get an idea of just how much work. Despite the work that needs to be done the home really is stunning. There is original woodwork, pocket doors, fireplaces, shutters, moldings, and floors. It’s been divided up in to 5 apartments unfortunately, but many Newburghers have had great success converting these homes back.

©Newburgh: her institutions, industries and leading citizens

291 Liberty was built by William Hilton according to “Newburgh: her institutions, industries and leading citizens.” Mr. Hilton was a carpenter and builder and build almost hundreds of houses in Newburgh “either wholly or partly by him[self].” He built 291 for his own occupation and lived there many years. He died in April 1890.

©Newburgh: her institutions, industries and leading citizens

John P. Andrews also lived in the home when he bought “handsome 291 Liberty” in 1877. Strangely he also died in 1890. Newburgh has a wonderful history that can be traced with many of the homes. For a look at more Newburgh Real Estate, click here.

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  • The price is a bit high for that particular neighborhood. Is it a Historical Landmark or considered investment property? Either way it needs a major overhaul. But, I think it will be worth it in the long-run.

  • I doubt it itself is a historical landmark. But it is in the historic
    district which regulates anything that is done to the facade of the home. It will be gorgeous some day.

  • Definitely will.

  • this house is lovely but way too overpriced for the amount of work it needs and the neighborhood it’s in – in its day newburgh was in life magazine as one of the10 best places in the country to live and it WAS -during the fifties when I used to visit my grandmother- my fathers people came from Ireland and settled there in 1860- my great great grandfather build many stores on Broadway – 110 among them – how far poor Newburgh has descended since then – some commentary on urban renewal