Railroad Playhouse now has in house Theater Company, Terra Firma

Photo Courtesy of Judy Sirota-Rosenthal

Terra Firma Theatre Company, a biodynamic, non-profit artistic company dedicated to producing collaborative theater, announced an ongoing partnership with The Railroad Playhouse, in the restored Westshore Train Station! This is wonderful news as it further solidifies Newburgh as a artistic and cultural destination for residents and visitors alike.

Terra Firma performed its first reading on March 26th, 2011 as part of the BoxCar Reading Series. The night consisted of two short plays, Home Free! by Landford Wilson, and The Dumbwaiter by Harold Pinter. The plays were directed by Cobey Mandarino and performed by Hannah Cabell, Derek Lucci, and Eric Slater. The next reading, The Suicide Tapes, by Christopher Oscar Peña, explores the fragile nature of family, letting go, the obsessions that drown us, and what happens when the past shows up to haunt you, literally and figuratively. It will be performed on August 7, 2011 at 8 PM. All readings will be held at The Railroad Playhouse in Newburgh.

Press information provided by James Cheston and Katie Rosin.