Habitat to Take Home on Liberty

Great news just came over from another great Newburgh blog, My Second Favorite Organ. This home that I photographed last year that was in need of saving will indeed receive some aid from Habitat for Humanity. Unfortunately it looks like they might tear it down because it is unsalvageable, but the restoration of a home on this plot will do a great service to this section of Liberty Street! Two homes that were once abandoned will now be added back to the list of rehabilitated homes. Check out My Second Favorite Organ for photos of the back of the home. It’s a wonder it hasn’t collapsed already!

5 Comment

  • Too bad it’s gonna get torn down. LOVE that all of the floors have the bay windows.

  • I know! This is one of my favorites 🙁

  • Why is this building “unsalvageable”? It’s not leaning. It has all it’s walls. Why can’t they do a full gut? It seems that Habitat is tearing a lot down these days. I think that’s unnecessary. This particular building looks very solid. Why is it that in NYC, all buildings of this caliber in northern Manhattan or Brooklyn are saved and fully renovated? A tear-down is not a “restoration.” We cannot replicate this kind of architecture.

  • Already, half of Newburgh has been demolished. Why should we stand for any more demolition? It just doesn’t make any sense. New construction just doesn’t fit into the fabric of these uber-historic streets. I wish more people from NYC would discover Newburgh, and FAST!

  • Jared, from the looks of the back of the building I guess it isn’t salvageable. I loooooove the front facade. Check out habitat’s FB page. There have been some really nasty properties that they have been able to save. I don’t know the reason they chose to raze this home, but I will be sad to see it go.