Construction Pics at Newburgh Brewing Company

The bulldozer and sledgehammer are out at the Newburgh Brewing company on Colden Street. Major work is being done to the side walk and interior tasting room, entrance and brewery. For more pictures take a look at their facebook page.  Things are already looking different from a few months ago.

There are two projected openings. The first opening will be the brewery itself which will allow the production of the actual beer. It should be up and running by late December. The second opening will be for the tasting room that should be debuting late February early March depending on how licensing goes with the NYSLA. This project is moving fast and it’s going to be a great addition to the Heights/Waterfront area.

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  • Exciting! It makes me want to buy a building on Liberty Street even MORE.

  • Yup, this is super exciting for the Liberty Street/Heights area

  • We had the pleasure of sampling two Newburgh beers at the Richmond County brew festival in Staten Island last month. They were easily among the best beers on tap that day! We’re looking forward to making the trip up to Newburgh to visit the tasting room once it’s open (and to look around at Newburgh’s beautiful architecture — we love it there!)

  • As one of the owners of Newburgh Brewing Company, I wanted to say thanks for all the kind posts. We are very excited to get the doors open. Even getting to this point has been a tremendous amount of work by a lot of people for a long time. And thank you to Cher Vick and her fantastic NewburghRestoration blog for all the great press and publicity that she has given us. We really appreciate all her help and everything she’s doing for Newburgh.


  • Although I no longer live in the area, It is highly encouraging to read of this new enterprise aking shape in Newburgh. I truly hope that this business experiences tremendous success, and that it re-invigorates some badly needed energy in Newburgh. Cheers!

  • So exciting, can’t wait for opening ! About time -this area is ripe for establishments like this.