Constructing Colonial Terraces – Photos


Colonial Terraces, a garden filled little neighborhood in Newburgh, was constructed in 1917/1918 for workers employed by the Newburgh Ship Yards, constructing ships for WWI. It is amazing to see how these homes were constructed in such a short period of time, through the dead of winter and snow, with out the heavy construction equipment we have today, or even a hard hat. These photos show how Colonial Terraces all started, before all of the mature trees and plants that exist today.

Some great details show the small cars in the streets. Obviously parking wasn’t and issue then. And the little child on the street corner. Look at the horizon and you can see the mountainous Hudson Valley landscape and other homes around the perimeter of Colonial Terraces that were already in existence. Pictures really are able to capture so much history. For more history on CT, see this link. The City of Newburgh also has a written tour of the neighborhood in a pdf file.

If you were once a CT resident and want to reminisce about the old days and share photos, you can join the CT facebook group. Thank you Colonial Terraces Neighborhood Association for the photos.