Scholarship Opportunity Announcement

The  Historical Society of the Newburgh Bay and Highlands is pleased to announce the availability of an annual $1000.00 college scholarship to be given to an outstanding student interested in history or historical preservation, archeology, anthropology, or information services.

The applicant should show an interest in the history of the area and should demonstrate this interest through participation in activities that relate to the history of the area.  The Historical Society would like the scholarship to encourage young people to be active participants in learning about and preserving our historical heritage.

An application is available on line at the Historical Society website:  www.newburghhistoricalsociety.comDeadline May 15, 2012.  Further
information may be obtained by calling Warren Cahill at 845-562-5639.

To follow us on facebook:!/NewburghHistoricalSociety

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  • I must say this is a great opportunity for a youngster who is fascinated by the history of this great city. As a youngster attending Mount Saint Mary College and living in Middletown, NY I took the history of Newburgh for granted. Now eventhough I am 1200 miles away in Miami, FL I still keep up on whats happening in Newburgh. The brewery is great stuff, Habitat is doing an amazing job, and I think Newburgh over the years will rebound, but kids if you are from this area get involved, read up on the history fo Newburgh it is fascinating, volunteer, I would love to be Mayor of this city someday even if it means relocating to Newburgh.

  • Does this apply to those who will be going into education also?

  • Thank you for your interest, Eric. Yes, this scholarship is available to students of any major as long as you justify your value to the interests of the Historical Society. We want to help make it easier for students to utilize our resources and to help young people from our community to pursue their goals. We understand that those goals may be desperate and the committee will weigh many factors in selecting a recipient.


    Johanna Porr
    Director of the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay & the Highlands

  • By “desperate” I meant “disparate” sorry I didn’t proof read.