Before and After: 68 Benkard

The architectural details of this home have made this renovation a favorite. It is so pleasing to see that the details were salvaged! Even though a new porch was needed, the entire cornice and shingles were saved, keeping the historical character of Newburgh intact. Habitat for Humanity did a wonderful job. Click here to see the entire photo album of work done on this home. It was one of three homes restored on Benkard.

Now, just imagine if more homes were restored like this in Newburgh! The city has a lot of homes that need restoring.

Pictures from Habitat for Humanity Facebook page

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  • Looks like an awesome renovation – but is something being done to insure that the property will be adequately maintained in the future? I have seen situations play out in this manner countless times in Newburgh – A nice renovation is completed, then in 3 years the place looks about the same as it did before it was renovated.

    I hope I don’t sound harsh, but improvement is only valuable if it is SUSTAINED, and that seems to be the missing link in many Newburgh rehab efforts. Hopefully that will change.

  • Point well taken ADD I evaluate the situation in Newburgh on a daily basis and one of the things that the city needs is a place of recreation for children and adults, besides the waterfront during the warmer months there is NOTHING to do in Newburgh. Maybe by bringing some recreation into the city it will deter vandals, because lets face it vandalism is a big problem in Newburgh! Kid wants to be rapper? Lets have a showcase in the community and entice all these kids to come and show their skills and compete, a flea market etc… Does anybody agree? Late night basketball tournaments, murals where people can come and show their skills with spray paint and every week paint over it and give someone else a chance. These activities will deter criminal activity and vandalism to properties in Newburgh!