Mount Saint Mary Looks to Expand, Public Opinions Needed!

MSMC is looking to expand, and the Architectural Review Commission (ARC) would like to hear the public’s opinion. The meeting will take place at 7:30 at 401 Washington Street, Activity Center. Here’s a summary of the plans that will be up for approval:

Last July MSMC purchased a 13.1 acre property from the Dominican Sisters of Hope that is located on Powell Avenue in Newburgh. Initial intention for the property was to use the land as green space and a location for outdoor venues. Now plans for a baseball and softball fields with scoreboard, lights and parking all along Powell have been revealed. This will have a huge impact for property owners surrounding the area. Factors to consider are noise, light pollution, parking and traffic. It is extremely important for neighbors to voice their opinions so that the ARC can make the best decision in the public’s interest by hearing all sides.

See below for blown up sections of the plans.

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  • Funny, public outrage did nothing to change the plans to build the overly high ugly, light polluting dorms near Liberty Street years ago. How is simple input going to determine how the ARC will act? We had petitions signed by a large majority of neighbors, scale models built(the college refused to provide), architect reviews, alternative ideas. The college threatened instead of dialoguing with the community. They promised to plant a tree buffer- instead they planted a few small bushes. They promised to contain the parking lot lights- instead the lights created so much unnecessary stray light and light pollution that neighbors could no longer see the stars. They promised to remediate the major drainage problems that plagued neighbors with flooding basements directly downhill- they have still to this day never been resolved. They promised to replace the rusted chain link fence with a newer more appropriate black metal one- the chain link fence still rusts away on the Liberty Street side. The appearance of their willingness to listen to public input is a mockery.

  • I have to 2nd everything Michael said. i LIVE on the Liberty Street side, and we are still dealing with runoff flooding, rusting fences etc. The general feeling is that the Mount doesn’t give a DAMN about Newburgh. If I’m not mistaken, they do not pay taxes to the city.

    And by the way, there is no DATE listed for this ARC meeting, just a time. In light of how things seem to done in this city, that simple oversight raises serious suspicions. I don’t know when the ARC meets, and I don’t feel I should be expected to know. What is the date?

    *sigh*. Would love to see some interest in the community from the Mount, but you’ll have to convince me.

  • Neil,

    The ARC meets the 2nd Tuesday every month, and you can find more information here: