Before and After: 11 Henry

This house on Henry Street has come a long way. It was once falling apart and exposed to the elements. Now, it’s the poster child example of what private citizens can accomplish with the run-down buildings of Newburgh. Minuta Architecture did the work of planning the new facade. Now it looks gorgeous and Henry Street is looking a little brighter. Imagine if a couple of houses on each block could undergo such a transformation?

It seems like slowly the house run down homes around the bluff are getting fixed up one by one. Like this home that was bought, fixed up and then sold by neighbors on the bluff.

See 11 Henry during construction.

And here’s a close up of the details, just because it looks that GOOD!


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  • Thanks Cher, we’re pretty happy with how it turned out too! (Project Manager, Minuta Architecture)

  • I love this as this house is right next door to my sister’s house.

  • Congratulations to the owner, and to Minuta Architecture! I was there at the presentation that night to the ARC. Glad to see the project complete, and well done.

  • We live a few doors down and we like it, too! Now we’re just waiting for our new neighbors to move in and keep the neighborhood growing in the right direction.

  • I lived at 14 Henry Ave. in an upstairs apartment from 1951-1957. Loved living near the bluff. We could see the river from some of our windows.

  • Our first home was 9 Henry Ave which we restored top to bottom. 11 Henry was in decline when we left 20 years ago. So good to see it restored…our old friends on both sides deserve a reborn neighbor!!