Vintage Chapman Steamer Firehouse Photo

It’s been a long while, probably too long since anything has been heard about the Chapman Steamer Firehouse aka Chapman Steamer Collective LLC. This is an example of the interesting architecture Newburgh has that can be recreated into something wonderful. I’d love to see something happen with this place eventually. I had illusions of owning it myself for many years.

Anybody know anything? Any updates? And was there a time when South Street didn’t run past Dubois? There’s no South Street to the right of the firehouse.

-Photo from Remembering Newburgh NY Facebook Group

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  • I’ve seen this renovation taking place for quite some time. There always seemed to be people working on it, 7 days a week. Until beginning of last winter, when they stopped for the winter and have not picked it up since. I do hope it continues, thanks for the article! Maybe you should buy it. And, yes! That is crazy – where is South Street?

  • This would have made the perfect spot for the Newburgh Brewery. Though the artist space would have been incredible as well.

  • Yes, where is South St? Now I want to go to the library and look at an old city map. Maybe they took some artistic liberties with the drawing?

  • Thanks all for the info. Michael, this would’ve made so many cool spaces. I hope they can get whatever issue they have worked out. I really love this building. I couldn’t afford the taxes Helena!

  • When we Lander and Chamber Street kids had to walk to NFA (Newburgh Free Academy) in the 1950s, South St. ended at Dubois Street. We had to walk up the “Fireman’s Path” to cut through Downing Park to get to the other section of South St. Yes, even in the Snow. More to follow. 2/21/13